Hello Shrimp

What is Helloshrimp?

Instantly meet people in real life

No egomaniacal profiles and no chat - with HelloShrimp you instantly meet people in the real life.

Make the right connections

Want to extend your professional network or looking for a new co-founder? Up to you!

Get the most out of meetings

93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues and talking face-to-face.

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Find Shrimps easily

Find Shrimps easily and fast or get inspired by ideas in your area spot great opportunities that help you achieve your goals in life.


Find the right people

HelloShrimp helps you spot the right people to meet.No matter if you are looking for a lunch break partner or an inspiration for your work, you'll find it here.


Get found by others

No need to look for the right people. People apply for your Shrimp, with a simple swipe you decide which people you would like to meet - how easy is that.


How it works

Create a Profile

Download and register in the app, create your profile and tell other people who you are, what you do and where you are from.

Create a Shrimp

Create a Shrimp and decide whether you are looking for people to have a professional exchange with or if you are looking for someone to explore your area.

Choose guests

After you published your Shrimp people will apply for it. Choose your favourites and prepare yourself to meet them in the real world.

Meeting over?

in the near future you can add people to existing networks, confirm skills and rate locations, sending requests to connect and much more after you met somebody.

Download HelloShrimp for free


Download HelloShrimp for free