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We are HelloShrimp…

Help us to become the new business network app for young and experienced professionals who seek mutually beneficial connections


I am really happy to announce that starting with today our first campaign on Kickstarter went live. In this little short blog post I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about this campaign and why we are raising 10.000 Euros. For all of you who don’t know what HelloShrimp is doing and what our vision is here a short introduction.

What is HelloShrimp?

Thousands of young and experienced professionals are using social business networks like LinkedIn or Xing to get in touch with interesting and inspiring people and making new connections. But over the time things became more complicated and the growing networks of followers and contacts turned into a confusing and unmanageable bunch of people rather than a place where its easy to spot people who really bring you you on. Who was really a mutually beneficial connection? How to spot and meet interesting people fast and uncomplicated? Do I really need 1.000 contacts on LinkedIn? All those questions led us to the awareness that we need something that would help us putting more significance and meaning in our connections and contacts. Something that would help me maintain and foster a valuable network of relationships.

The birth of HelloShrimp.

We built and launched HelloShrimp as a social business app in Berlin, Germany in 2017 with the goal to re-connect young and experienced professionals and people in the real world again and to spark conversations that evolve into long-term relationships. No matter if you are looking for people to exchange ideas, having coffee with like-minded persons of the startup around your corner or a co-founder you would like to start your next million dollar business with 😉 – we are helping you to instantly spot and meet up with the right people without loosing time in endless chats or getting lost in egomaniacal online profiles.

What is making HelloShrimp so different?

HelloShrimp helps reconnecting people in the real world. That’s why you won’t find a chat in our app because the real conversation with all the verbal and non-verbal gestures should happen from face to face.

We help you making new and valuable connections with people that really bring you on and help you transforming these connections into valuable relationships.

We will help you with smart software and algorithms to maintain and foster your network and even if there are only 35 or 57 connections you will know that these are the right ones.

We help you get a picture of people before you add them to your HelloShrimp network – but only if you met them and if you both agree that this is really a mutually beneficial connection.

We help you, whether you have a formal or informal meeting, to find the right locations that suits the type of meeting and make sure that you both recognize each other immediately.

We support you making connections with people in companies where you would like to get a feet in the door and much more…

Why did we start a Kickstarter Campaign?

HelloShrimp is currently available for iOS users but our goal is to make HelloShrimp available for free and for everybody no matter if you are using an Android or an Apple Device. But the development takes time and money and having this amount of money allows us to invest in an awesome and highly experienced android developer. With this campaign we will fund the development and the execution of HelloShrimp Android App. Furthermore we would like to invest more money in marketing and making more people aware of our App.

What is our timeline?

Our goal is to launch an Android version until July / August 2018.

The Team behind HelloShrimp

The team behind HelloShrimp is made up of designers, UX designers, product manager and software engineers —people who have collectively applied their decades of experience to the HelloShrimp project to make it beautiful, make it technically feasible, valuable for our users and make it a viable business opportunity so we can deliver a quality product to you, our backers.

Marek Möckel

LinkedIn / Website

Marek has been designing and developing digital products for over 10 years, ranging from platforms, apps or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). He worked as a Head of Design / UX, Product Design Consultant, Product Manager for big and successful companies like Delivery Hero, Hitfox, Home24, Movinga and leveraged deep knowledge of technical fundamentals with a strong human-centered approach to create breakthrough solutions to solve real user problems.

Nick Sorge


Nick is a iOS developer with an outstanding experience in creating and developing iOS apps. He successfully released seven apps in the app store and works as Freelance Mobile Software Engineer for companies like Aperto or Porsche.

Friedrich Bechtle

LinkedIn / Website

Friedrich has been creating websites since he is 16 years old. Now, 15 years later he’s looking back on a career of designing user-centric products and sharpening the identities of successful e-commerce companies like Delivery Hero, MarleySpoon, Lemoncat and Home24. His personal identification and strong believe in idealism makes him an essential part of every early-stage startup with an ambitious vision.

Mehmet Direskeneli


Mehmet is a Backend Software Engineer with his whole heart. He already developed a few applications and is working as a Freelance Backend Engineer for companies like Vattenfall in Berlin.

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