About HelloShrimp
HelloShrimp is here to change the way we meet and interact with people.

We are all enthusiastic networkers and believe in the lively exchange and dialogue with like-minded people, dissenters and lateral thinkers. But we also believe that real networking can not and should not happen online. For too long we hid behind our lovingly maintained online profiles and collected digital business cards, forgetting what true networking means - authenticity, real people, real life.

Networking is not what we are, but who we are.

We believe that the contacts we make in the real world are often the better and more sustainable relationships. Despite all this, we too are techies, digital people and we all grew up in the world of social media and startups. We are avid online Warrior and now try to use HelloShrimp the digital to experience the analogue. Real life. Real people.

You have questions about our philosophy or would like to send us your views on social media and networking? Write us on help@helloshrimp.com or use our contact form.

When do we meet?
Download our app today and meet up with people from your area for lunch, a drink or a meal and build relationships of mutual benefit.