Who's afraid of real life?
What's the use of the largest network if you have not even met 20 people from them?

And that's what HelloShrimp is all about. We are not a dating platform or a single exchange where all participants hide behind their polished online profiles.

We're the app that makes it so easy for you to meet all the contacts you have on Linkedin, Xing, Facebook and other networks in real life.

You can use HelloShrimp in so many ways, e.g. to meet people from companies where you would like to work, to talk to other people about topics that will accompany you all day long or simply to talk to inspiring people who enrich your life.

How does it work? Apply for shrimp from other participants or create one yourself that other users can apply for, select up to three of them and meet with them.

That's how easy and real networking can be today. Meeting new friends, colleagues or inspiring people can be so easy if you have the right tools and are not afraid of real life.

Scroll down, download the app and start today.

When do we meet?
Download our app today and meet up with people from your area for lunch, a drink or a meal and build relationships of mutual benefit.